Effective and sustainable support to the Himalayan people

Would you like to support development and the people in the Himalayas?

Every donation helps. And we will ensure that every Euro / CHF / USD will be used efficiently and with a view to sustainability.


Together with EcoHimal, you help to improve the living conditions of the people in the Himalayas, to preserve their culture and to support them in taking the development of their village, their region, their country into their own hands.

By introducing agroforestry, we help farmers to face climate change, we support people's health, we build small hospitals, water systems, sanitation facilities and schools to promote education levels and we generate income.


You can pay your donation directly into our account:

ÖKOHIMAL Gesellschaft Austria, 5020 Salzburg

IBAN: AT64 3400 0928 0440 5833


Earmarked donations
If you want your money to go towards a specific project, please indicate so when making the payment.

General Donations

If you do not indicate a specific project your donation will go towards one of the current EcoHimal projects. Please pay directly into the EcoHimal account or request a a transfer slip by e-mail.

Administration Charges


EcoHimal aims at keeping the administration costs as low as possible. Therefore 93% of donations are used directly for project work and only 7% go towards administration.

Corporate Sponsoring

Social sponsoring is a special type of external and internal corporate communication. An increasing number of companies use social sponsoring as a meaningful extension of their corporate image. And more and more companies consider this a positive way of communicating with their own staff and integrating the aspect of global responsibility into corporate culture.

If you want to show social responsibility in the field of development cooperation feel free to contact us.


EcoHimal Austria Gesellschaft für Zusammenarbeit Alpen-Himalaya
Hofhaymer Allee 11/17
5020 Salzburg
E-Mail: office@ecohimal.org
T: +43 662 829492
ZVR Zahl: 886266575

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