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EcoHimal Nepal is our local partner-organization. The NGO established in 2009 has its headquarter in Kathmandu. EcoHimal Nepal is an important partner for our projects and together we are trying to improve living conditions of the local population.

Together with our sister-organisation EcoHimal Südtirol-AltoAdige we contribute to improved living conditions in Nepal since 2014.

help alliance e.V.

„Closer to the world. Closer to its people“ – this is help alliance motto. help alliance, a registered charity under German law, was founded in 1999 by 13 Lufthansa employees, who were already engaged in aid programs in different developing countries. Today help alliance supports yearly about 40 aid initiatives around the world.

Every project is monitored and cared for by a responsible member of the Lufthansa Group and Condor or other cooperating companies like the Lufthansa City Center travel agencies. The project managers always work in close cooperation with local partners who have long term experience in development aid work.

After years of private engagement, the Nepalhilfe Aruntal was established in 2011 as a society. Together with EcoHimal the Nepalhilfe Aruntal contributes to poverty reduction in Eastern Nepal.


Samaritan Austria is among the country's largest health and social
organizations and the largest provider of ambulance services in the city of
Vienna. In recent years the organization's scope of operations has been
widened, particularly in the area of health care and social services. Today,
Samaritan Austria is providing a wide range of services, from medical
services at large events to home help and home care, shelter for the
homeless and asylum-seekers, as well as emergency relief and nursing
competence centers.

TECHNODAT has been a leading provider of innovative software solutions for more than 40 years. Our specialty is optimizing business processes in technical areas such as project management/planning, maintenance, plant and asset management, as well as occupational health & safety and quality management.

As a family business, we support Ecohimal since 2019.

Intercell is an innovative biotechnology company focused on the development of novel vaccines for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. By developing innovative vaccines, Intercell makes an active contribution to people’s health. Sustainability and corporate social responsibility at Intercell are anchored at the Management Board level. Our philosophy and our actions are strongly guided by our core value innovation. This is also reflected in our economical goals, our ecological commitment, and in our social accountability.

In 2009, Intercell initiated the plan to support a project of social sponsorship. As a global corporation, Intercell has the opportunity and responsibility to look beyond the daily business activities and consider how our capabilities and resources can contribute to support significant and lasting change. Intercell supported the non-profit organization EcoHimal in its efforts to establish a healthcare system in Nepal from 2009 to 2013. The program aims to raise awareness for healthcare among the people of Nepal in order to positively influence their health-seeking behavior.

On May 28, 2013, Intercell AG merged with Vivalis SA to create Valneva SE,

The Swedish Postcode Lottery receives its revenue by selling lottery tickets and donates its surplus to charitable causes. One million subscribers participate in the lottery, which has given 1,8 billion SEK, during the period of five years, to our selected charity organizations.

The Swedish Postcode Lottery supported the Saving Mount Everest Project from 2010 to 2013.

Hannes Snellman supported the Saving Mount Everst Project from 2011 to 2012.

EOCA Vision: The European Outdoor sector will significantly contribute to the conservation of wild places and ecosystems for future generations.
EOCA Mission: To support valuable conservation work by raising funds from within the European Outdoor sector and promoting care and respect for wild places.

The European Outdoor Conservation Association supports the Saving Mount Everest in their 2011/2012 funding round!

BIG BAG is a waste management services company, a national provider of innovative waste management solutions. Best known for it´s big orange colored waste bags.

BIG BAG is committed to offer cost effective and environmentally friendly services to the public, industry and construction companies in Sweden.

The organisation, registrated in Great Britain, enables communities to adapt to climate change. The Glacier Trust is committed to avoiding disaster on a Himalayan scale by helping local communities adapt to their changing environment. It provides education and expertise to locally based organisations to enable communities to understand the problems and implement solutions. 

Primus has a very long relationship with Wongchu Sherpa, president of Everest Summitteers' Association, who is one of the dedicated persons that has started the project. The support of Primus is a very good opportunity to help cleaning Everest from all garbage such as gas cartridges (which many of them are manufactured by Primus).

Furthermore the Saving Mount Everest Project is unique since all authorities, bigger trekking organizations are involved and the project will work with sustainability, educate the people, build up recycling stations etc. is an association which promotes the implementation of "Weltdekade zur Bildung" for a sustainable development in Tyrol.

The organisation is an important initiator and adviser regarding sustainability, future and development. Committed people, organisations and communities are supported by the implementation of innovative projects.


EcoHimal Austria Gesellschaft für Zusammenarbeit Alpen-Himalaya
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T: +43 662 829492
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