Economic Partnership EcoHimal/Farming4Health-Help Alliance-Wiberg

Help Alliance, the Corporate Social Responsibility Division of Lufthansa, finances the continuation of the business partnerschip project with Wiberg Spices and Farming4Health until 2024.

Partners are 21 Szechuan pepper- and 28 cardamom-cooperatives in the mountainous regions of Myagdi, Lamjung and Solukhumbu.

The project aims to increase household income of cardamom and Szechuan pepper farmers through the introduction of the grading methods and practices, support of improved drying systems for smokeless production of cardamom products, substantial information on grading systems, promotion and distribution of healthy seeds and seedlings, sustainable harvesting of traditional hand-picking of wild Szechuan Pepper, capacity building of farmers in quality management and supporting a fair price system. Basic knowledge on Cardamom and Szechuan pepper were given to the local farmers, stakeholders, and local bodies and media personnel. Manual of Szechuan pepper have prioritized the conservation and preservation of Szechuan pepper’s plants and trees through handpicking.

There is need of more interventions for income generation, capacity building and institutionalization of cardamom and Szechuan pepper farmers groups. Vocational trainings on cardamom cultivation through curriculum development and workshops are needed to develop commercial farming in order to improve living conditions of the local population. 

In autumn 2019 a group of young Lufthansa management trainees (ProTeam) visited the EcoHimal project region for an intercultural exchange program aiming at enhancing the management and marketing capacity of the local cooperatives.

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