INITIATIVE: Innovative Income Tools and Integrated Approaches To Improve Villagers’ Employment



Launching hose pipes

Launching of plant producing hose pipes for drip irrigation systems in February 9, 2017 in Ala-Buka village of the Ala-Buka region

Conflict management workshop

In February 2017 series of trainings “Conflict management workshop. The skills of conflict resolution” were convened for the members of the target cooperatives and students of the Ala-Buka College. Trainings were held by the project coordinator Elizabeth Mackner.

Meeting with the new head of Ak-Korgon ayil okmotu

The newly elected head of Ak-Korgon ayil okmotu voiced his wishes for the members of the newly created cooperatives to include representatives of vulnerable people-women and young people.

Installation of a drip irrigation system

Installation of a drip irrigation system on 15 hectares of demonstration fields in targeted aiyl aymaks – 1-May – 7 hectares and Ak-Korgon – 8 hectares – was successfully completed.

Community Development, Cooperative and Entrepreneurship Training

In June 2017 a number of training sessions “Community Development, Cooperative and Entrepreneurship Training” was implemented for four target cooperatives. Training was conducted by invited expert from Nepal Mr. Narayan Dhakal.

Hose pipe plant put into operation, Feb. 2017

Drip irrigation workshops, Oct. 2016

Training with future cooperative members, June 2016

Irrigation channel in Oruktu-Sai renovated, June 2016

Channel reconstruction works in Oruktu-Sai, March to May 2016

Meetings in Ala Buka with representatives of local authorities, Jan. 2016