In front of Patan Museum
Patan Museum
Hitit in the historic centre of Patan

Patan World Heritage

Just like the historical centre of Salzburg, the centre of Patan, the neighbouring town of Kathmandu with a population of 170,000 is on the UNESCO world heritage list. While historical sites are protected by law in Salzburg, the craze for modernisation, environmental pollution and land speculation pay little respect to Nepal's architectural treasures. Therefore the  Society for Promoting World Heritage and International Cultural Cooperation and EcoHimal started a world heritage partnership between Salzburg and Patan.

As a first step a large fountain on Patan's main square was renovated. The fountains built centuries ago in Patan still have their original vitally important function: they supply the urban population with water as many households are not connected to the municipal water system. Since water is life-giving these fountains are places of the highest religious significance. Richly decorated stone sculptures illustrate the legends surrounding Hindu gods.

Many fountains and water ducts are in deploable condition and consequently, the water quality is bad. Once the fountains are repaired they fulfil their central function again and another world heritage site is preserved.


Bhandarkhal Garden

EcoHimal is also involved in the preservation of the Bhandarkal Garden next to Patan Museum. Both projects were supported by the municipality and the province of Salzburg. >Read more


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