INITIATIVE: Innovative Income Tools and Integrated Approaches To Improve Villagers’ Employment

Oruktu-Say irrigation channel rehabilitated

The rehabilitation of 550 m section of an irrigation channel in Oruktu-Say was finished sucessfully in May 2016. The Project covered the technical planning, designing of the rehabilitation works and the procurement and delivery of construction materials. All land and construction works was implemented by local self-governments and local inhabitants (ashar). The implementation of this project component has resulted in reduced water loss at the rehabilitated section, decreased threat of flooding for 100 households, increased yield due to increased volume of irrigation water and decreased costs of local people on rehabilitation and maintenance of their houses.

The preparatory works were implemented in March 2016: extraction of tree stumps, cleaning, deepening and formation of the channel bed. In April and May 2016 the gravel bed was prepared and the concreting works done.

All works were conducted by the local community of Oruktu and Ala-Buka Aiyl Aimaks. The machinery was provided by local entrepreneurs and local self-government bodies of Oruktu and Ala-Buka AO.

In June 2016 the official hand-over of the renovated channel section to the community was celebrated, leaded by the head of Ala-Buka rayon state administration and with participation of the representatives of the target group and the partner organisations EcoHimal, Agents of Changes and Centre For Strategizing of Budget Process.

Drip irrigation workshops

From 3 to 6 October 2016, Mr. Alvaro Marco, water engineer from Spanish organization CINGRAL rural engineering ( implemented 2 two-day training sessions on drip irrigation. 56 future members of potential cooperatives from Oruktu, Ala-Buka, 1-May and Ak-Korgon aiyl aimaks attended the training. The training on drip irrigation included practical training and survey of fields allocated for installation of drip irrigation systems.

On 7 October 2016 Mr. Marco met with heads of Water Users Associations of 4 target aiyl aimaks to discuss effective management of water resources and gave corresponding recommendations.