INITIATIVE: Innovative Income Tools and Integrated Approaches To Improve Villagers’ Employment

Centre for Strategizing of Budget Process

The Public Association “Centre for Strategizing of Budget Process” was established in 2005 and registered in Djalal-Abad oblast Department of Justice.  

The Mission of the Association is the promotion of democratic transition of civil life in the Ala-Buka rayon, inclusion of local communities in the decision-making process, ensuring fair and conscientious, transparent and public management of resources.

The Association is one of the founders of a nationwide consortium of NGOs on promotion of EITI (Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative) principles at subnational level. Founders and members of the Association are local leaders with wide experience in different sectors of the economy.

According to the Charter of the Association activities of “Centre for Strategizing of Budget Process” include awareness raising and training, support to ensuring participation of local communities in the decision-making process. 

Implemented projects:

  • In 2005, with the financial support of Soros Foundation Kyrgyzstan a number of local leaders formed the group to ensure budget transparency of the Ala-Buka rural district.
  • In 2006, with financial support from “ARIS” the program information and advisory centre was created and equipped to conduct television broadcasts in Ala-Buka village.
  • In 2007, local television was established in Ala-Buka village with financial support from ADB.
  • In 2012-2013, with financial support from the Eurasia Foundation in Central Asia a community liaison office on promotion of EITI principles was established in Ala-Buka village.  
  • In 2013-2014, FSK (Program on Management of Natural Resources) and GIZ financed implementation of the following projects: “Sustainable Development through Partnership of Stakeholders” and “Natural Resources for Development of Local Communities”.
  • In 2013-2015, multi-stakeholder groups were created in Kok-Tash and Kok-Terek rural districts to ensure sustainable cooperation between local communities and KAZ Minerals mining company.
  • In 2014-2015, a catalogue of deposits of mineral resources and a map of location of mineral resources of the rayon were developed.
  • In 2015, within the UNDP program on integrated development of Djalal-Abad oblast a plum drying plant was established in Kosh-Terek village of Baltagulov rural district.

Articles on the Association's activities are being published in the rayon newspaper “Aiyl Akyikaty” on a regular basis.

Partners of the Association: Program on Management of Natural Resources FSK, Eurasia Foundation in Central Asia, GIZ, HRC “Trees of Life”, consortium of NGOs on promotion of EITI principles, Secretariat of EITI in the Kyrgyz Republic, Public Association “Public Control against Corruption”, UNDP, ARIS, rayon newspaper “Aiyl Akyikaty”, Ala-Bula rayon state administration, local self-government bodies of Ala-Buka rayon, Institute of Policy and Development of Bishkek city, “Eco Partner” LLC, regional department of inspectorate on ecological and technical safety of Chatkal, Ala-Buka and Aksy rayons.