INITIATIVE: Innovative Income Tools and Integrated Approaches To Improve Villagers’ Employment


The “Agents of Changes” Public Association was established by the general meeting of founders on 17 March 2010, registered on 29 April 2010. Founders and members of the Association are dedicated and active young people who are not indifferent to what is happening in the country.


Mission of the organization: “Agents of Changes” Public Association is an open voluntary association of young people that aims at increasing the participation of young people in decision-making processes and their empowerment in social development.


  • Support of social activity of young people and strengthening the capacity of youth movement;
  • Development of youth capacity;
  • Promotion of gender equality;
  • Lobbying for ecological principles in politics;
  • Interaction with public and government agencies.

Directions of activity:

  • Information and educational activities;
  • Advocacy;
  • Monitoring of young people’s involvement in politics;
  • Capacity-building of association members.


Our organization successfully cooperates with local authorities, local self-government bodies, NGOs, mass media, educational departments and higher education institutions, secondary education institutions and secondary schools.

Association experience:

The organization has experience in project implementation, conducting wide-scale information and advocacy campaigns, partnership with local authorities; all projects and other activities of the association are implemented in cooperation with governmental structures and local self-government bodies. The organization has experience in attracting a great number of young people to the implementation of projects, campaigns and actions aimed at promotion of peace and stability in the region, actions against violence against women and others.

The organization has implemented the following projects:

  • “From Peaceful Elections 2010 to Prosperity of Kyrgyzstan” Project (network project), UNDP Peace and Development Programme (September-November 2010). The project goal was to ensure the peaceful election of deputies to the Jogorku Kenesh through establishment of regional headquarters of public control and wide public awareness campaigns on issues related to the election process 2010. Project costs – 217 500 soms.
  • “Young people are not only the future, but also the presence of Kyrgyzstan” Project, social service procurement of the Provisional Government of the KR (September-December 2010). The project organized seminars for young people on the fundamentals of negotiation. A photo contest “Tolerant World in your Frame”and a contest of articles on “Tolerance in our Society. The Role of Youth” were held. A photo exhibition based on the results of the photo contest was organized. Project costs – 242 000 soms.  
  • “Young People for a Peaceful Future” Project, US Embassy Democracy Commission (April 2011 – April 2012). The project prepared 46 mediators from among young informal leaders of local communities. 125 young people were trained at seminars on management of ethnic diversity. A contest of best stories of interethnic relationships in the region resulted in the publication of a collection of stories on positive interethnic relationships in the region. Three international youth groups received mini grants for the improvement of common facilities. Project costs – 13 539 USD. 
  • “I am a Citizen of my Country” Project, Canada Fund (July-December 2011).  The project organized and held round tables “The role and opportunities for youth in reduction of social tensions against the background of interethnic conflicts” with participation of young people, organized a contest among young people on the best movies with positive examples of interethnic conciliation. The authors of three best movies received cash prizes. In conclusion of the project a Friendship Festival was organized with participation of a wide public, national diasporas and governmental bodies. Project costs – 15 477 USD.
  • Since July 2013, the organization in partnership with UN Women has been implementing an EU funded Project “Promotion of Gender Equality and Empowerment of Young Women”. The Project aims at contributing to the preparation of young women for leadership through teaching of necessary skills. It will also strengthen the role of young girls and boys in peace-building at the community level, where they will be engaged in specific activities for peace-building and conflict mitigation. Within the framework of the project a guideline "My peaceful and safe school" was developed, a large number of equality mentors were trained from among active students of grades 8-18 of urban and rural schools. Project duration is 24 months, project costs is 35 092 USD.
  • The organization has rendered a number of services to the EU and the UN joint project "Promotion of good governance in order to achieve social justice" on conducting training sessions to increase the capacity of deputies of local keneshes of two pilot aiyl aimaks in local budgeting and management of municipal property, as well as to improve the capacity of local initiative groups in the development of project proposals.