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Activity report from 2002 to 2012 by EcoHimal

Since 20 years EcoHimal is working in the countries of the Himalaya, mainly in Nepal. The report gives an overview about project activities.

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This is the blog of the exhibition «Himalaya Report. Mountaineering in the media age» in the Alpine Museum Switzerland. Here mountaineers, media representatives, donors and the public swap ideas in forms of pictures, words and videos. Everybody can join, not only in the exhibition but also at home, in the train or on the mountain. Kurt Luger, chairman of EcoHimal, also contributed with a blog entry.

Since 2010 EcoHimal works in two rural health development programs in Nepal. The regional focus is on four remote villages in Eastern Nepal - Pawai, Bakhachol, Waku and Deusa.

With the program EcoHimal tries to improve living conditions for poor and marginalised groups and to guarantee improved access to an efficient quality health care.

Especially women are in the focus. More than 600.000 women in Nepal suffer from uterine prolapse, a painful disease, limiting the life of women. The permanent discrimination against women in Nepal is both cause and consequence of uterine prolapse. 

Amnesty International Österreich fights against the discrimination against women in Nepal. Help us and sign the petition

Foto exhibition at the University of Applied Science Puch-Urstein

"The similarities between alpine farmers in Southtyrol and Nepal are amazing. It´s like a journey through time, bringing you back 70 years to the past", says Ute Giacomozzi, team manager key qualifications. Together with her sister Elke - she works at the Afro-Asian Institute in Salzburg - she founded EcoHimal Southtyrol-Alto Adige, a partnerorganization of EcoHimal Salzburg.

"We also focus on cooperation of Alps and Himalaya and in february this year we visited the current project region in the Solukhumbu district". With donations from their native country, the Giacomozzi sisters want to co-finance a drinkingwater project in Deusa. Giacomozzi: "In this area 367 households are in need of clean drinking water. The foto exhibition at the university campus shows the hardship of the people living in the Himalayas".

As member of EcoHimal you get our Alpine Himalayan Mailrunner twice a year. The mailrunner informs you about our projects and the situation in Nepal.

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Here you find some helpfull links for the planning of your journey to Nepal. 


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